Over-the-Counter Covid Tests

The Best Over-the-Counter Covid Tests

The distribution of over-the-counter covid tests has been a significant aid in the fight against the spread of COVID-19. These rapid antigen tests are used to detect the SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) virus in a matter of minutes. By using these at-home tests, you can obtain a quick and accurate determination of whether or not you have the COVID-19 virus.

These at-home tests can be literal life savers for many. By having a swift and accurate answer using one of the many FDA-approved rapid test kits available, you can determine whether or not you have COVID-19 and prevent yourself from spreading it further. In other words, you can help prevent the spread of COVID-19 from the safety and comfort of your own home.

What are Antigen Tests?

According to the CDC, antigen tests detect the presence of a viral pathogen, which in turn signals the presence of a viral infection (in this case COVID-19). Typically, these tests are performed in the form of a nasal swab or saliva sample placed directly into the reagent.

Covid Antigen Tests
Covid Antigen Tests

Typically, at-home test kits include POC test kits (point of contact test kits) which are administered by someone other than the person being tested and self-tests which are administered by the person being tested.

Antigen tests usually yield results within a few minutes. While it varies, tests are relatively accurate. However, according to a March 2020 article published in cochrane.org, these tests are the most accurate when performed on a person already exhibiting covid symptoms.

Benefits of over-the-counter covid tests

There are many benefits to consider when deciding on whether or not you will take an over-the-counter covid test.

1. Speedy results: Most at-home rapid antigen tests offer results within minutes of being administered.

2. Easy access: While laboratory tests can take up to a week to receive a response, getting an antigen test is as easy as finding the nearest pharmacy or ordering one online. In fact, sites like SVI Medical Group offer wholesale covid test kits for even more convenience.

3. Mobility: Over-the-counter covid test kits are amazing for mobility. Whether it be in a car on the way to work or in the comfort of your own bedroom, over-the-counter covid tests offer you the ability to test for covid on your own time.

4. Suitable for kids: Many at-home tests are suitable for kids over the age of two and allow you to help detect covid in children. This is particularly helpful as it helps prevent kids from the scary and sometimes stressful doctor’s office environment.

5. Simplicity: At-home covid tests are typically simple to use with instructions offered within the kit.

Limitations of Covid Test at home

When considering whether or not you should take an over-the-counter covid test, you should consider these things:

1. Are you asymptomatic: results may be inaccurate if you are asymptomatic.

2. Insensitivity: At-home covid tests are much less sensitive than PCR tests, often making them less accurate.

3. User error: You or the person administering your test may not perform the test in the way that you should. This may lead to a false positive, or worse yet, a false negative.

These factors are important to note when deciding on whether or not you take an over the counter covid tests. Though there are some disadvantages, these tools are incredibly useful when trying to quickly determine whether or not you have COVID-19.

To help ensure the accuracy of these tests, try to follow these steps.

1. Take these tests when you’re symptomatic: Since at-home tests work best under these conditions, you are more likely to get an accurate answer.

2. Take multiple tests: If multiple tests yield similar results, you can be confident that they are accurate. If those tests yield different results, you have reason to suspect that the particular brand of the test may be of poor quality or that user error is at play.

3. Get a PCR test: If you’re still uncertain about the accuracy of your test, you can get a PCR test. Though these are often more expensive and take longer to receive, they are usually more accurate and performed by professionals. If you’re still not certain about your results after an FDA-approved rapid antigen test, then a PCR test is the next best option.

PCR Tests
PCR Tests

It’s important to consider all factors when conducting an at-home covid test. Remember that the point of a covid test is to inform you of your COVID-19 status in order to prevent the further spread of the virus. No matter how you choose to test, ensure that you take the proper precautions to prevent the spread of covid to others.

SVI Medical Group is a rapid antigen test supplier that offers self-administered wholesale antigen tests and bulk POC antigen test kits. As a rapid antigen test supplier, SVI Medical Group helps in the effort to limit the spread of COVID-19 by making sure you’re aware of your COVID-19 status.

What is the best over-the-counter test?

It’s important to note that not all tests are created equal. There are varying results that occur with different over-the-counter antigen tests. While results and reviews may vary with other tests, we are confident in our recommendations of two tests: the GenaBio OTC Rapid Antigen Self-Test Kit and the FlowFlex OTC COVID-19 Antigen Home Test.

These two tests offer accurate results within minutes of administration and can be used to combat the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Here are the strengths of each test:

GenaBio OTC Rapid Antigen Self-Test Kit

GenaBio OTC Rapid Antigen Self-Test Kit is an at-home, over-the-counter rapid antigen test kit hailed for its accuracy and availability. This test is to be used at home utilizing an anterior nasal swab. Results are typically received after only fifteen minutes.

GenaBio OTC Rapid Antigen Self-Test Kit
GenaBio OTC Rapid Antigen Self-Test Kit

The GenaBio antigen rapid test kit boasts a 90.91% sensitivity rate and a 100% specificity rate. This makes the GenaBio rapid antigen test kit an incredibly accurate over-the-counter covid test. Additionally, the GenaBio antigen rapid test is sensitive to the omicron COVID-19 variant.

The GenaBio antigen test kit can be used for any individual aged two years old or older, regardless of whether or not the individual is exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms. However, the test should be taken within 7 days of symptom onset if the individual is experiencing

covid-like symptoms, and twice within the span of three days with at least 24–48 hours between the tests for those without.

Test results are available within fifteen minutes of the GenaBio self-test kit swab, so you can take the necessary next steps.

GenaBio rapid antigen tests are available on the SVI Medical Group website. Not only will you be able to have access to the top-rated covid rapid tests, but you’ll be able to purchase your rapid antigen test wholesale. Visit our website for more information on how you can purchase your rapid antigen test kit today!

Flowflex test

The Flowflex antigen rapid test is over-the-counter covid tests that rapidly detects the presence of the COVID-19 antigen using nasal swabs. Its accuracy and affordability are its greatest strengths and make it one of the best covid tests for you and your family.

Flowflex Test
Flowflex Test

The Flowflex antigen rapid test can be used on people two years and older and utilizes a nasal swab. Results for the Flowflex antigen rapid test are delivered in 15 minutes.

The Flowflex antigen rapid test can be used by people with or without COVID-19 symptoms. With easy steps and an affordable price tag, choosing this test is incredibly beneficial when determining whether or not you have COVID-19.

Flowflex rapid antigen tests are also available on our website. SVI Medical Group is a rapid antigen test supplier with the goal of providing you with the rapid testing you need. Visit our website to place an order for your rapid antigen test today!

Where can you get GenaBio and Flowflex tests?

Choosing to take an over-the-counter covid test is an important step to preventing the spread of the coronavirus. It’s important to know the advantages and disadvantages of an over-the-counter test to best make a decision on whether or not they suit your needs.

COVID-19 has devastated millions of lives, but by taking measures like these, we’re better able to maintain and manage the virus.

The GenaBio and Flowflex tests are great over-the-counter covid tests that provide speedy and accurate results without a hefty price tag. These tests work well for anyone over the age of two who suspects that they have COVID-19. These tests are also easy to administer with instructions provided with every rapid antigen test kit.

SVI Medical Group is an antigen rapid test kit distributor that works directly with manufacturers to provide you with your rapid antigen test kit. We distribute rapid antigen tests at the most reasonable prices because we know just how important it is to stop the spread of COVID-19.

To order your GenaBio antigen rapid test or Flowflex antigen rapid test, visit our website and contact us today, so we can work together to limit the spread of COVID-19.